The first encounter

23 November / Entry area

Hjørring Public Library, Denmark

The entrance area creates a visitor’s first impression of the library

It sets the tone for the rest of the library and therefore needs to be welcoming, inviting and able to entice people into the library to explore.

The idea is to keep the entrance area spacious and uncluttered, with uninterrupted views into the library. Using lower shelves and display units on wheels will create a feeling of openness, as well as give a degree of flexibility. This is also the opportune time to display your latest releases and new material, so create a retail feel in the entrance through the use of low level, face-on display that encourages visitors to pick up the books and engage with the media.

A multi-functional welcome

23 November / Entry area

Divide the entrance area into various zones

The entrance area is the perfect spot for showcasing new arrivals and latest releases. It can also be used for themed displays and information boards.  Furthermore, as libraries have become a place where people meet and hang out, another good idea is to have a waiting area near the entrance area with casual seating. You could even look at placing a café nearby too.

Tommerup Public Library, Denmark
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