Box 0, 1 & 2 Picture Book Browser

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Simple yet functional design

With clean lines and a solid colour, the Box Browser is a functional yet modern browser that presents and stores books in an uncomplicated and visual manner. The browser is available in 3 models: Box 0, 1 and 2.

Box 0 consists of only four low compartments.
Box 1 consists of four top compartments and four lower compartments – two on each side of the browser.
Box 2 consists of four top compartments and eight lower compartments – four on each side of the browser.

Drawers for the lower compartments of the browser are available. A rubber mat is placed in each top compartment to ensure that even a small number of books will stay upright.

As standard, the browser is delivered in white and with castors but can also be manufactured in any NCS colour. The browser is delivered assembled and ready to use.

Capacity 0: Approx. 125 comic books
Capacity 1: Approx. 250 comic books
Capacity 2: Approx. 375 comic books

Dimensions 0: W720 x H280 x D720 mm
Dimensions 1: W720 x H640 x D720 mm
Dimensions 2: W720 x H1000 x D720 mm

Material: Laquered MDF